Learning Exercise

Endangered Species: Rhinos

Students provide answers on a seperate sheet with regard to Environmental Education and rhino poaching, and then design a brochure on awareness of rhino poaching and its consequences on biodiversity.


Observe simulation of altering a food chain. What happens when you remove an organism from a food chain? see more


Students develop understanding of key concepts such as, for instance, Environmental Education and biodiversity through the lens of rhino poaching.



Technical Notes

Students are informed that this is an open-book kind of class activity.


  • Campbell or Solomon Biology Textbook and/or Environmental Education slides on Evironmental Education and biodiversity.
  • Material for designing a brochure.
  • Separate sheets and pens.
  • Internet-based information.


  • Environmental Education
  • Biodiversity
  • Endangered species

Learning Objectives

The students will be expected to be able to:

  • Define the term environment from a holistic perspective.
  • Describe the effects of rhino poaching on biodiversity.
  • Identify appropriate measures that can be used to reduce rhino poaching today.
  • Design a brochure that can be used as an educational tool to raise awereness about rhino poaching and its consequences on biodiversity.



Endangered species: Rhinos


  • The activity consists of five questions in two parts (Parts 1 and 2). The activity is worth a total of 75 marks. Answer all questions.
  • Make sure that the names and student numbers of all members of your group are on the separate sheet and the brochure.


Answer Part 1 on a separate sheet. Part 1 has four questions worth a total of 15 marks.

  1. Define the term environment. (2)
  2. A broader definition of environment has focused on the interactions between four aspects of the environment, namely biophysical, economic, political and social (O’Donoghue & Janse van Rensburg, 1995). Using the issue of rhino poaching, discuss the interactions between the different aspects of our environment. (8)
  3. There are four threats to biodiversity. Name the threat to biodiversity that is associated with rhino poaching. Give a reason for your answer. (1 + 2 = 3)
  4. One may argue that the reduction in the number of rhino killings today has been due to increase in the number of arrests. Appart from the arrest of perpetrators and use of bronchures as an educational tool on rhino poaching, what is another measure that may be used to reduce the number of rhino poaching today? (2)

For Part 2, you are expected to design a brochure that can be used as an educational tool to raise awereness about rhino poaching and its consequences on biodiversity. (50)