Learning Exercise

Academic Support Services

provides students and faculty members with access to the information
resources and services they need to fulfill their learning, teaching, and research responsibilities. Through the campus proxy server, distance learning students and students living away from campus are able to connect to RamPort to access all of the library’s electronic information resources. More information regarding learning and information resources is provided in Core Requirement 2.9, Learning resources and services.  (IT) department also offers a wide range of services to students and faculty. For the students, IT offers mobile services, tech support, free antivirus software, and multimedia support. For more information regarding information technology services, see Comprehensive Standard 3.4.12, Technology use


E-portfolios are a valuable learning and assessment tool. An e-portfolio is a digitized collection of artifacts... see more


Utilizing Adobe InDesign (or layout program of your choice) for layout, create a digital portfolio that demonstrates and highlights you as an artist and educator, your artwork and your experience working in the classroom. Your portfolio must include: • cover page • table of contents • resume • teaching philosophy • images of your artwork that demonstrate your studio skills • images of you working in the classroom (with students, their work, etc.) Along with your digital portfolio created in InDesign, submit all images that are linked and a written description of the creative and technical processes you followed to create your digital portfolio. Grading for this Problem/Project: This project consists of the finished Portfolio (80%), the images linked supplied on disk(10%), and your journal writing (10%). Your CD should contain a folder with all of the following: 1. The InDesign document of your portfolio 2. The InDesign document of your process journal writing. 3. All original images that are linked in your portfolio.(jpg tiff, bmp, psd, eps).

Technical Notes

Be explicit about the ways in which students can access content (e.g., textbook, slides, course website, videos) where to find background information and multiple examples.


This resource highlights the value of using video as part of instructional design and how to make video fully accessible.


This resource discusses the ways in which audio can be used as an engaging instructional tool and guidelines for making audio accessible.


Developing a digital portfolio. Using Adobe InDesign (or other layout software of your choice), create a digital portfolio that demonstrates and highlights you as an artist and educator, your artwork, and your experience working with students in the classroom.

Learning Objectives

  • Outcomes are appropriate for students' educational level.

  • Outcomes are limited to only the important outcomes for the week and unit.

  • Outcomes are consistent with any state or federal standards.

  • Outcomes are consistent with your school/work philosophy and goals.

  • Outcomes can be defended by currently accepted learning principles.

  • Outcomes can be achieved in the time limits of the course.

  • Outcomes can be taught with available resources.

  • Outcomes are student centered.

  • Outcomes are performance centered.

  • Outcomes are content centered.

Identify the unit you plan to teach over a 7-week period. Include a course description and your personal contact information. Label each topic/week to create a basic skeleton of your course. Finally, create 7 major earning outcomes - 1 for each week (you can create sub-outcomes to further refine your learning outcomes).


During the assessment – there are suggestions for solutions by identifying strength and weaknesses.  The students will be given Immediate feedback each week. Teamwork is more than just highly pleasing; it is an essential requirement they often assume to be in place. Making sure that everyone is on the same page is imperative. The outcome of the project depends on effective interdisciplinary teamwork.  It makes the environment much better and in turn, gives the students the stability and encouragement to want to continue on in that stable atmosphere.