Learning Exercise

Guidance for Creating More Interactive E-Learning

Activities in this exercise are designed to help the user develop/refresh skillsets for more engaged online learning. Instructional Design: The Rapid E-Learning Blog offers insight into elements that will help instructors build engaging online materials.

This exercise is developed for an introductory online learning design course.

Users will need to look over the designated elements, design sample exercises that guide the learner and include active engagement while developing learner understanding. After viewing the designated materials, users will create an elearning activity within a Pk-16 content of choice. The sample will be shared with the instructor via email. 



There are lots of ingredients to a great elearning course. But in the end, the success of your course hinges on a... see more


Given the increasing use of elearning it is good practice to generate online learning materials that engage the learner. 

1. View the reading and interactive samples for the following links on the material page: 

2. Selecting a topic and grade level, generate a sample elearning activity that includes the elements from the 3 sections (active vs. passive, creating understanding, and guiding the learner). Be sure to include links to any documents, sites, videos, etc.

3. submit the plan (as a doc with active embedded links) via email to the instructor for review. Rubric will be utilized for the review.

Technical Notes

internet access; a few samples require Flash to view interactive elements


Review the 3 designated links in the material. Create a sample elearning activity. Indicate grade and subject for the activtiy. Submit planned activity via email to instructor. Plan should be submitted as a document that can have hyperlinks to materials.


  • Active vs. Passive engagement
  • Going beyond sharing information to create understanding
  • 3 techniques to guide the learner through the process

Learning Objectives

The learner will use information from the learnigng material to generate engaging interactive elearning sample material.


Link to rubric