Learning Exercise

It’s All in the Shape: Discovering Molecular Geometry

Using the PhET Molecular Shapes:  Basics simulation, students will discover the ideal geometries for 2 through 6 electron pairs.  Students will illustrate shapes via wedge diagrams (instructions provides) and practice examples that can be checked using the simulation.  Students should have an understanding of bonding and able to draw Lewis dot structures.


‪Molecule Shapes: Basics‬ A X X ‪Model‬ C O O ‪Real Molecules‬. ‪Molecule Shapes: Basics‬ A X X ‪Model‬ C O O ‪Real... see more


Activity is available as a Google Document (view only) - click here  To be able to edit, go to file > Make a copy...  This will save it in your Google Drive account and allow you to edit it.


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discovering molecular geometries

illustrating shapes with wedge diagrams