Learning Exercise

Week 1 : Sprectrophotometer Review

Simulation on Spectrophotometer


A simulated experiment based on the Spectronic 20 Spectrophotometer. User can mix standard solutions of red and blue... see more


Please go through the instructions and review the simulation of the spectrophotometer.

Click on the Picture of the spectrophotomenter

Go to the materials tab  and then click on OK ( it will open up a new page with an assigned code)

Click on continue ( under the assigned code)  (it will take you to the simulation page)

Go through the background and operations and then click on Experiment tab to open the instructions for you to follow. 

Follow the lab procedure and check your results  and send your answers as a screen shot under the assignment tab of your week 1 assignment on Black board. 

Please provide me a feed back so that I can tweak my next learning activity.