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Importance of User Persona in App Development!

UX work requires a lot of attention to detail and user persona is one of the most essential elements of UX work. The development and design team work better if they have simple user stories in their mind. Better products can be developed if the user persona is strong as products tailored to the user's needs are preferred by them. iOS and android development especially benefits from user personas; it ensures that all the information required to make an app effective is included in it. There are many types of personas that are used in the industry. Some are customer-focused, and other business-focused, depending upon what the target audience is. Proto-persona and user persona are the two useful user experience designs. 



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How to Create a User Persona? 

There are a lot of ways when it comes to creating user personas. But the most common ones are those that are created using user experience research methods. With interviews and casual interactions, one can learn about user information and make up a profile for any user’s generic attitude while using the system. While it’s true that the direct research method is the most commonly used method for building user profiles, other tools such as web analytics also play a very important role in creating the perfect user persona. The power of social media and search engines shouldn’t be underestimated too! 

A Typical User Persona Consists of the following: 

Personal Information 

Biodata of the user, including his age, name, marital status, etc. are the basics for building up the user personas. Adding a personal photograph is also a requirement in most cases. Together, all this data helps in building a clear demographic of the user’s profile. 

Environmental Data:

Thanks to modern technology, information regarding the user’s social life, their work life, devices they use, etc. can be used in building a detailed user profile. It’s also good to know about their geographical location and work ethics. 

Personal Interest Data: 

Information about their personal interests like food, movies, etc. paired with their attitude, likes, dislikes, hobbies, and so on, help in painting a psychological picture of the users. This data gives a human touch to the persona. 

Personal Goals and Ambitions: 

Learning about your user’s goals and ambitions is an inquisitive feature of personas. This information guides developers and testers on exactly what a user needs and how the product should be designed to meet those needs. 

Real-Life Scenario:

This is the final aspect of building up user personas. We come to this based on the data from the above-mentioned aspects. The product is used in a real-life scenario and data is gathered on how the users interact with the developed product. It’s also known as beta testing. 


App development is a hot field in today’s smart world but this also means that thousands of apps roll out each day. Your app being functionally sound doesn’t cut it, in today’s competitive market. It should provide an excellent user experience too! Android Studio helps in creating an app that follows the standards of android app development, but you need to build a user persona before you start developing an app, otherwise, regardless of your efforts, your app will fail to please your users!