Learning Exercise

Better Slides

Augmenting, reinventing or replacing a slide presentation with something more effective. 


Aaron Weyenberg provides his tips (with samples) for making an effective slide deck. see more


When creating a professional presentation or communcation in marketing, advertising and PR we start with a creative brief, develop a treatment and turn this into an outline an visualisation.

A good slide presentation is this outline and presentation. It is great for what it is, will work with a presenter live, but can be the stepping stone to something more.

A standalone video or interactive web page. 

Technical Notes

Video and sound

Screencastify software, Browswer extension, College sign in, computer speed and bandwidth



Video > White Board, Print Out or Pen and Paper (phone camera and microphone)

Somewhere quiet and undisturbed.

Screencast > laptop or desktop, Screencastify software (microphone) Somewhere you can record you voice and work undisturbed. Time and assistance to master the software 



Substitution > more of the same, replace some slides and text

Augmentation > embed video, add audio

Modification > audio, video and interaction 

Redefinition > video, interactive web page, scenario-based gamification 

Learning Objectives

Content is king

"Think about your main message, structure its supporting points, practice it and time it—and then start thinking about your slides" ... and how these can be taken further, or even replaced/

Have something to talk over and interact with in the first place.

Value of planning and keeping it simple 


How are you getting on?

What have you got in mind?

How far would you like to go with this?

Are you being too ambitious or not ambitious enough?