Learning Exercise

Vaccine Administration

The learning exercise provides an interactive training module for student nurses and licensed personnel that is useful for administration of vaccines. The exercise covers appropriate vaccine administration, avoidance of errors that may be potentially dangerous by highlighting common mistakes, and application of the “Rights of Medication Administration” to each encounter when vaccines are administered by using the web based CDC course:  You Call the Shots – Module Eighteen – Vaccine Administration


Per the website: You Call the Shots is an interactive, web-based immunization training course. It consists of a series... see more


1.      Complete the CDC Course:  Immunization: You Call the Shots – Module Eighteen – Vaccine Administration  

2.      After completing the online course, go to Training and Continuing Education Online (TCEO) https://tceols.cdc.gov/  ; create an account if you do not have one. 

a.      Browse and select the course: Immunization: You Call the Shots - Module Eighteen – Vaccine Administration on the TCEO site;

b.      Follow the 9 steps to earn a CE on TCEO by filling out the evaluation and achieving > 80% on the post test for the course;

c.       Download the CE Certification and submit to course instructor.

3.      Practice skill and technique of intramuscular and intranasal administration in an academic or clinical education lab site.


Knowledge and skill related to vaccines and immunization


Administrative Clinical Activities, Vaccine Administration Best Practices including Routes for Vaccines, Strategies for Prevention of Errors, Immunization Resources for Team Performance, Disease Preventative Measures and Health Maintenance

Learning Objectives

1.      Identify vaccine administration clinical activities.

2.      List the recommended administration routes and sites for routinely recommended vaccines.

3.      Identify recommended vaccine administration best practices.

4.      Describe strategies and best practices to prevent vaccine administration errors.

5.      Locate current immunization resources to increase knowledge of team’s role in program implementation for improved team performance.

6.      Implement disease detection and prevention health care services (e.g., smoking cessation, weight reduction, diabetes screening, blood pressure screening, immunization services) to prevent health problems and maintain health.


Submit the CE Certificate of completion for You Call the Shots – Module Eighteen – Vaccine Administration to course instructor for credit.