Learning Exercise

Fire Behavior and Combustion

Assignments based from Principles of Fire Behavior by James G. Quintiere - Chapter 1.
Course: Principles of Combustion

This course explores the theories and fundamentals of how and why fires start, spread, and how they are controlled. see more


1. Discuss what is believed to have caused the extinction of the dinosaur. How is this related to fire? 2. Briefly discuss four historical fires. 3. Explain what a fire whirl is and give an example of one such event in history. 4. Compare the number of fire deaths to auto accidents deaths expected over an average lifetime. 5. List four scientific fields involved in fire research. 6. Discuss the factors motivating fire research. 7. Discuss the role of visualization and scale models in fire research. 8. Explain why SI units and scientific symbols are used in fire research. Personal Challenge: 1. Examine the statistics of fire and the attitude of society on fire safety. Discuss. 2. Test the validity of fire statistics. For example, does the prevalence of electrical fire causes at night suggest something else? What percentage of fires is actually reported?


College algebra; physics; chemistry


Fire Chemistry Combustion Safety Heat Smoke Physics

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

? Develop an awareness of fire in history. ? Understand the factors motivating fire research. ? Recognize the role of visualization and scale models in fire research. ? Explain S. I. Units and scientific symbols.