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The Valley of the Shadow

The Valley of the Shadow offers a rich collection of primary sources associated with "The Eve of the War," "The War Years," and "The Aftermath."
Course: United States History

An interactive site that has students browse reproductions of records and documents pertaining to two similar towns in... see more


Instructions: Click "Enter" once the site comes up. There will appear on the screen three rooms designated "The Eve of the War," "The War Years," and "The Aftermath." Create a topic relating to the events leading to the Civil War, the Civil War, or the War's Aftermath that you would want to research. Select the appropriate room to use from the three. Create a 4 page bibliography from the possible primary sources available at the Valley of the Shadow as if you were planning to write a research paper. Put the sources into either MLA, APA, or University of Chicago (Turabian) styles. Bibliographic styles can be found at the History Portal Page on Merlot. You are not writing the paper, just finding the resources for a 4-page bibliography.
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United States History The Civil War

Learning Objectives

To enable students to create a bibliography based on primary sources. To acquaint students with the wealth of primary sources available at The Valley of the Shadow website.


Bibliography of sources.
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