Learning Exercise

Ruler Game Assignment

Students will learn how to read a 16th inch ruler.
Course: 6-12 Technology Education

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Please follow the following steps for this assignment: 1. Have students to go the Tech Ed Web site: http://student.buffalostate.edu/neisdj47/web/edc604/finalproject/index.html 2. Click on "Internet Resources" on the right navigation menu. 3. Scroll down to "The Ruler Game" and click on the link that will take the students to: http://www.rickyspears.com/rulergame 4. Read the information and rules about "The Ruler Game" 5. Practice playing "The Ruler Game." 6. Once students have enough practice, give them a half hour to play "The Ruler Game." 7. Once the half hour is up students will need to submit their score to the Tech Ed blog and complete a reflection writing. The reflection writing question are located on the Tech Ed blog.


1. Basic Internet skills 2. Basic Measuring skills



Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Students will learn: 1. How to read a 16th ruler 2. How to use a blog


Students will be graded upon their submission of their scores and the reflection posted to the Tech Ed blog.