Learning Exercise

Slavery in America

Africans in America traces slavery in the United States from 1450 to 1865, using historical narratives, images, documents, stories, biiographies, and commentaries.
Course: United States History

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CLICK "go to material." Enter the site. CLICK 1831-1865. Read "Judgment Day." CLICK Narrative. READ: Introduction, Map: Coast to Coast, Antebellum Slavery, Abolitionism, Fugitive Slaves and Northern Racism, Westward Expansion, and The Civil War. Write a 6-8 page paper anwering the following questions: 1) Describe te life of a slave before 1861, 2) Between 1831 and 1961, what methods were used to end slavery by the North and to protect and promote it by the South?, 3) Why did the Civil War become th eonly way to end slavery?


United States History Antebellum South African-American History

Learning Objectives

To enalbe students to learn how slavery lived before the Civil War and what attempts were in place to end slavery.


6-8 page paper.