Learning Exercise

Technical Report Writing

Students in this training will be asked to create a technical report or to revise an already-existing report that they have previously written and that will actually be used on-the-job.
Course: Business Report Writing

Contains information for improving writing with examples. You're probably wondering what this "technical writing thing"... see more


Using a report you have either previously produced for your company or a report that you are currently required to develop and using those guidelines your company requires when a report is written, begin to outline and rough draft the introduction, body and conclusion of your report and a draft abstract, using the principles learned with the Online Technical Writing course material.



Basic familiarity with technical writing


Technical Reports - Structure and Process Types of Technical Reports - Overview Abstracts, Introductions and Conclusions Processes and Guidelines in Technical Writing

Learning Objectives

Learn how to write effective technical reports that meet company guidelines and meet the following criteria: 1) a clear and concise; 2)are written at a level that fosters comprehension by readers; 3) adhere to recognized standards of English (spelling/grammar); 4) respond to all company requirements and guidelines for producing technical reports; 5) state recommendation(s) and support them; 6) enable readers to make choices and decisions based on what they have read.