Learning Exercise

Metric Unit Volume Lab

Students wil complete lab activities dealing with volume.

This is a lab activity that focuses on volume and the metric system. It has some great activities to help students... see more


VITAL INFORMATION Subject(s): Science Topic or Unit of Study: The Metric System, Volume Grade/Level: 7 Objective: Students learn about he metric system through lab activities based on volume. Summary: Students will complete lab stations that contain activities dealing with volume. They will be assessed through their lab packets. IMPLEMENTATION Learning Context: The metric system, experimentation Procedure: Students will complete experiments at stations set up around the room. The stations will focus on volume. Students will be given a packet that has instructions to the lab stations that they are to complete. Students can work in teams at the stations. If they are finished with the station they can move on to the next one on their own. This is a students centered activity, so they can work independently. This activity will take two days to complete, as the students will be expected to do a good job on their packets. Differentiated Instruction: Sample Student Products: Collaboration: Time Allotment: 2 class periods. 50 Min. per class.



Understanding of the metric system, how to convert within the metric system.


Metric system, volume

Learning Objectives

Experiment with volume, converting themetric system.


Students will be assessed through the work that they do in their lab packet.