Learning Exercise

The media in classroom as an overall activity

The internet usage used after the class as a resource in settling knowledge
Course: English in High School

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Technical Notes

All the tasks on that blog had been prepared by students and posted by the teacher so that they may review their work and share information of each others. Such devices work to recicle their knowledge towards the foreign language and approach teachers, students, Educators, etc.


Knowledge in the mother tongue, basic English, usage of internet tools


http://blog.aprendebrasil.com.br/IEA Annexes: 1.Lyrics research- contents - Biography of the singers; Grammar item; The main idea found in the lyric. 2.classed explained in power point - students use as a follow up activity or their own studies

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Develop skills to find in the lyrics elements for their individual, specially group studies sharing information about their favorite singer, and access the classes through the internet checking the program explained in powerpoint so that they will be able to prepare themselves for English in their daily lives at work, studies, etc.