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Congruent Triangles / Geometry

Adjustable lesson for introduction to congruent triangles that includes different complementary technologies.
Course: Mathematics

This manipulative allows you to construct two triangles from various combinations of sides and angles, then manipulate... see more


Behavioral Objective(s): SWBAT: -Identify pairs of congruent triangles -Identify corresponding parts of congruent triangles Essential Question (Higher Level Thinking Questions): -How can you tell if two triangles are congruent? Opening (Anticipatory Set): -The teacher will present numerous triangles of different shapes and sizes on the board one at a time. Then ask all of the students to take a “long close look at the board”. -The teacher will engage the class in a discussion on what they see and write down suggestions on the board. -After all suggestions have been made then the teacher will inform the class that we are going to be working on seeing Congruent Triangles. Modeling/ Guided Practice: -The teacher will say “Let me show you congruent triangles”. The teacher will take down all of the triangles except for the two triangles that are the same on the board. -Students will be asked what they think congruent triangles are now. -The teacher will explain what congruent means and give examples to the students. Independent Practice: -The teacher will assign the class into pairs; they will have to explore the classroom and find shapes that are congruent. (Preferably triangles if they can’t find any another shape will do just fine).  Given the writing prompt “My shapes are _________ and are congruent because….” They will have to draw and explain what the shape is in their math journals.  Students will then have the opportunity to work on the computer to construct congruent triangles at http://nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/frames_asid_165_g_2_t_3.html?open=instructions&hidepanel=true&from=grade_g_2.html Closure:  Students present their findings to the whole group and the teacher will comment on their findings.



Basic understanding of different types of triangles, isosceles, scalene, equilateral; and that triangles vary.


Mathematics Geometry Triangles Congruence

Learning Objectives

-Identify pairs of congruent triangles -Identify corresponding parts of congruent triangles


-The teacher will assess the students’ knowledge of congruency by using a rubric.