Learning Exercise

Money in theToy Store

You get to buy items at the toy store and figure out how much they cost and pay for your purchases.
Course: 1st Grade Money Skills

An animated display of a toy store for children to see, identify and use money pieces. Reinforces base 10 concepts used... see more


Hi boys and girls. Click on Grade 1. Select group 1 to begin. Choose 2 items you would like to buy and click on them to put them in your cart. Click on the coins you will need to match the total cost. Clear your cart by clicking on the items. Click on group 2 and choose two items. Repeat the same thing as you had done in the first group. After each round, write down the things you purchased on your shopping list, your total cost, and the coins that you used to buy them.


Technical Notes

Directions need to be explicetly explained to students prior to activity. Should be modeled first, as it will serve as an independent activity for practice.


Students need to be able to -identify and interpret the dollar and cents symbol. -identify the coins and their values. -add one and two digit numbers by counting on.



Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Given toy store items that cost less than 50 cents each, students will be able to choose at least two, add up total cost of items correctly, and provide the appropriate money to pay for the purchases up to $1.00.


Teacher will assess the shopping list for understanding.