Learning Exercise

The Spanish American War

The Spanish American War began over Cuba and ended with the United States becoming a world power with colonies as far away as the Philippine Islands. This site explores the causes of the war and includes original film clips.
Course: United States History

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Instructions: Read the following sections: Beginnings of the War, The War Ends, the Philippine Revolution, Homecomings, and War Drama. Be sure to read all BLUE highlighted links as well. It is encouraged to view the film clips if the user has the required software. View as many original film clips as interested. Write a 5-7 page paper explaining 1. Why the Spanish-American War began; 2. Why the war spread to the Philippine Islands?; 3. What was the war's consequences for the United States domestically and internationally?

Technical Notes

To play the original film clips, user will need EITHER Real Media, MPEG Format, or Quick Time.




United States History Spanish-American War

Learning Objectives

To acquaint students with the causes behind the Spanish-American War. To acquaint students with the long-term consequences of the Spanish-American War.