Learning Exercise

The Art of Ukiyo-E.

This site explores both the traditional and contemporary versions of the Japanese art know as Ukiyo-E.

Keiji Shinohara, a master printmaker, provides insight into the effects of embossing, color gradation, and applying... see more


Instructions: Click "Enter Site." Read the following sections: Introduction, Techniques, Philosophy, Gallery, and Keiji Shinohara. Answer the following questions: 1. What is Ukiyo-E? 2. What is the traditional design and transfer of Ukiyo-E? 3. What is the contemporary design and transfer of Ukiyo-E? 4. Describe Atemashi-Bokashi. 5. Describe Itamokume-zuri. 6. Describe Ichimonji-Bokashi. 7. Describe one-sided gradation. 8. Describe Kimenkomi. 9. Describe Kira-suri. 10. Describe Shiomevi-zuni. 11. Describe wood gradation. 12. Describe traditional printing stages. 13. Describe contemporary printing stages. 14. What is the philosophy of Ukiyo-E? 15. Who is Keiji Shinohara and what are his contributions to Ukiyo-E? 16. View the gallery and compare and contrast traditonal with contemporary images of Ukiyo-E. Which do you prefer? Explain.


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Japan. Japanese Art.

Learning Objectives

To acquaint the user with both the traditonal and contemporary forms of the Japanese art known as Ukiyo-E.


A series of questions.