Learning Exercise

The Trial of Jesus, 30 C.E.

An account of the trial of Jesus providing Biblical and Non-Christian accounts along with the account written in the Gospel of St. Peter. The Historical and Biblical Jesus are compared.
Course: Western Civilization

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Instructions: Once on the site "Exploring Constitutional Law," scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on "Famous Trials." When the page comes up, Click "The Trial of Jesus." Read: Biblical Account, Non-Christian Account, Gospel of Peter's Account, Historical vs Biblical Jesus, Key Trial Figures, the Sanhedrin. Write a 5-7 page paper answering the following questions: 1. Summarize the Biblical accounts of the Trial of Jesus. 2. Summarize the Non-Christian Accounts of the Trial of Jesus. 3. Summarize the Gospel of Peter's Account of the Trial of Jesus. 4. Who are the key trial figures? 5. What role did the Sanhedrin play in the Trial of Jesus? 6. Compare and contrast the trial accounts. 7. Compare and Contrast the Historical Jesus with the Biblical Jesus. 8. What conclusions can be made about the differing trial accounts? 9. What conclusions can be made about the Historical Jesus versus the Biblical Jesus?


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Learning Objectives

To acquaint students with primary sources to interpret a major historical event. To acquaint students the Biblical and Historical figure of Jesus.