Learning Exercise

Digital Portfolio for the Art Educator

Using Adobe InDesign (or other layout software of your choice), create a digital portfolio that demonstrates and highlights you as an artist and educator, your artwork, and your experience working with students in the classroom.
Course: AED 398 Computer Applications for Art Educators

The final objective of this project is to create, or re-touch, a current art education digital portfolio depicting the... see more


Utilizing Adobe InDesign (or layout program of your choice) for layout, create a digital portfolio that demonstrates and highlights you as an artist and educator, your artwork and your experience working in the classroom. Your portfolio must include: • cover page • table of contents • resume • teaching philosophy • images of your artwork that demonstrate your studio skills • images of you working in the classroom (with students, their work, etc.) Along with your digital portfolio created in InDesign, submit all images that are linked and a written description of the creative and technical processes you followed to create your digital portfolio. Grading for this Problem/Project: This project consists of the finished Portfolio (80%), the images linked supplied on disk(10%), and your journal writing (10%). Your CD should contain a folder with all of the following: 1. The InDesign document of your portfolio 2. The InDesign document of your process journal writing. 3. All original images that are linked in your portfolio.(jpg tiff, bmp, psd, eps).


Assumed knowledge of computer (Mac or PC). Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator, MicroSoft PowerPoint.


Digital Portfolio Development

Learning Objectives

Student will be able to create a professional digital portfolio.


The pre-service teachers will present their portfolios to their peers the last day of class for peer review. Final grade will be completed by the teacher.