Learning Exercise

Create a Poster

Students will create their own WWII propaganda poster.
Course: History

This learning object is intended for high school students. It is an assignment based on WWII propaganda and the use of... see more


Class 1 1.Students will be designing their own Propaganda poster 2.Using poster board, markers and any previous class material students will be given the class period to create their poster. 3.Students are to follow the Creating a Poster Worksheet to make sure their poster is appropriate. Class 2 1.With completed posters students are to pair up and fill out the Poster Worksheet for the other student’s poster. 2.A poster gallery will be made in the classroom and students will be invited to explain each other’s poster to the class. (Following the Poster Worksheet)



Knowledge of WW II and the meaning of propaganda.


US history WW II

Learning Objectives

Students Objectives: •Discuss the meaning of propaganda •Analyze visuals (posters) individually, in small groups and as a whole class •Create their own poster to demonstrate understanding of propaganda