Learning Exercise

US Historical Documents-National Archives:

This assignment explores the development of the United States Constitution.
Course: American Government

A 36 second audio file of Woodrow Wilson speaking on democratic principles. From the Vincent Voice Library at Michigan... see more


Find a relevant document in the Archives and create your own DBQ (Document Based Question) related to Constitutional Democracy. A DBQ, document based question, is a question that focuses around one or more documents. The documents can be a graph, cartoon, short excerpt, picture, etc, anything that a child can glean information from. These are some tasks that students could be asked to do in a DBQ: 
 Analyze: Break a topic down into separate parts and discuss each one. 
Criticize: Make judgments. Evaluate comparative worth.
 Define: Explain the exact meaning, specific to the course or subject.
 Describe: Give a detailed account, listing characteristics, qualities and parts.
 Discuss: Argue the pros and cons of an issue.
 Evaluate: Give an opinion or cite the opinion of an expert.
 Illustrate: Give concrete examples.
 Summarize: Give a brief, condensed account, including conclusions
Additional Information: http://www.studyplans.com/dbq's.htm

Technical Notes

Author Robert Downs


Constitutional Democracy: Negotiating Toward a Constitution

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Examine the precursor compromises leading to the development of the Constitution.