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PC Tech Guide

In this assignment students will define the components of the information processing cycle and get examples of each type of device.
Course: Computer Fundamentals

This site contains a great deal of information about the personal computer hardware components and peripherals. The... see more


Jeopardy Review Game: · Critical Thinking Activity – Jeopardy Review Game After some introductory lecture and discussion on the information processing cycle and reviewing the PC Tech Guide web site, students can play the Jeopardy review game to prepare for assessment over this topic. This web site already has the Jeopardy review game categories, questions, and answers setup to review the parts of a computer. As an alternate assignment, students could be divided into groups to create their own Jeopardy review game while using this web site as a guide.


Technical Notes

Author Rachel Foster


Computer Hardware: Computer Components

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Describe the functions of processing devices, memory devices, input and output devices, and storage devices in a computer.