Learning Exercise

Computer Literacy

The “Working with Windows” unit addresses using file manager software. Project 2 in this unit specifically explains what file manager software is and provides students with step-by-step practice with using file manager. Students will complete the tutorial and submit their class disk and printouts that result from the step-by-step exercises.
Course: Computer Fundamentals

A set of web based tutorials that cover the basics. A good supplement to a computer literacy course. Has some decent GIF... see more


Poster Board Activity After completing the Project 2 exercises and quiz, students will create a chart or diagram on a poster board to illustrate the Windows file structure. Exercise Win 2-1 in this tutorial shows how to create and print screen shots to aid with this activity.


Technical Notes

Author Rachel Foster


Getting Started: File Management

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Illustrate the use of file manager software to organize files into folders and to copy, move, and delete files.