Learning Exercise


This assignment explores Internet tools and research techniques.
Course: Computer Fundamentals

Online tutorials for learning about Internet tools (browser, e-mail, discussion), searching skills in Web and library... see more


Evaluating Web Content WebQuest After completing the tutorial, students will complete a web quest that require them to evaluate a web site. The activity has set the stage of a research project that has led to a particular web site. The task is for the student to evaluate the web site. The activity provides instruction on what to look for when evaluating the site and an evaluation form to be used to determine if the assigned site to evaluate is valid source of information. Source: http://teachertech.rice.edu/Participants/bchristo/lessons/evalwebsites/


Evaluating Information: Authoritative Sources

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Evaluate major categories of information on the Internet to identify authoritative sources of information.