Learning Exercise

The Biology Project: Mendelian Genetics

Students will explore the Mendelian and chromosomal patterns of inheritance.
Course: Introductory Biology for Non-majors

Tutorials and interactive quizzes covering monohybrid, dihybrid, and sex-linked crosses. Part of "The Biology Project",... see more


The Biology Project: Mendelian Genetics (http://www.merlot.org/merlot/viewMaterial.htm?id=91399) a. Click on “Monohybrid Cross.” Complete all practice Problems associate with the Monohybrid Cross. b. After working the problems as many times as needed to get the correct answer, respond to the following “Two Minute Paper” questions: i. What was the most important point you learned about Mendelian theory? ii. How will this information shape the way you look at patterns of inheritance? iii. What inheritance patterns did you learn about that do not typically follow the Mendelian pattern?


Genetics: Patterns of Inheritance

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Describe the theory of Mendelian patterns of inheritance and examine it for lapses and shortcomings.