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Time Wasters:Time Management Exercise:

This assignmnet explores how to better organize your time.
Course: Student Success

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Graphic Organizer: Students visit the Time Management website at: http://www.ulrc.psu.edu/studyskills/time_management.html. Read the information from the Virginia Tech University Learning Center concerning time management. Reread the section on Time Wasters and complete the Time Management Exercise to determine your use of time during the day which then calculates for the week. This exercise will assist you in determining the time you have left for studying. Then, complete the exercise a second time. This time, recalculate your chart to provide yourself with more study time and less wasted time. Write a one-page paper describing how you eliminated wasted time, thus creating more devoted time to your studies. Submit your findings to the discussion board.


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Author Mary Jean Pace


Time Management: Self-Time Goals and Priorities

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Learning Objectives

Identify the key factors that account for wasted time.