Learning Exercise

Thinking Skills: An interactive module on thinking skills.“How are your critical thinking skills?”

This assignment assesses critical thinking skills.
Course: Student Success

An interactive module on thinking skills see more


Read and Rephrase: After taking the Critical Thinking quiz at http://liad.gbrownc.on.ca/studentsuccess/ssthink.html., getting results, and reading the correct answers, students will formulate five (5) questions similar to the ones found on the quiz. These questions should be ambiguous in nature to invoke problem-solving strategies within the intended learner. Students should type their questions with four (4) possible answer choices from which to choose for each question. Include the correct answers on a separate sheet for self-checking.


Technical Notes

Author Mary Jean Pace


Decision Making and Problem Solving: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Explain the importance of critical thinking and give examples of good decisions.