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BIG 5 Vacation Planning

This is an assignment that uses the results from the personality assessment to group students in the classroom by the personality trait they scored the highest on.
Course: Introductory Psycholgy, Personality Psychology

This personality test is a great tool for introducing the concept of personality. The site has a brief questionnaire... see more


For this assignment you will be doing a personality assessment online focusing on the Big 5 Personality Factors from the reading. To complete this assignment, you will need to go to the website listed below and complete the test. Once you have filled out all the information, please submit your test and print out the results. You will then bring the printed results to our discussion section for credit. Email me if you have any questions or concerns. This assignment is worth points and is to be turned in at our next section. WEBSITE WITH THE PERSONALITY TEST: http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/ THE IN-CLASS Assignment of the VACATION PLANNING: --------------------------------------------- For this exercise in personality, the students will be grouped according to the BIG 5 Personality Trait that they score the highest on in an assessment scale. The assessment scale for the BIG 5 can be completed prior to class on a website that outputs scores after students complete the scale http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/ If students scored highest on multiple traits/ tied for one main trait, have them pick the trait that they think most closely resembles their personality. After acquiring each student’s “major Big 5 personality trait”, have them divide up into groups with all the other students in class who scored highest on that same trait too. Once these groups are established, make sure that there are no groups with only one student and if there are you as the instructor may want to join that student to form a group. Now that the groups have been set, let the class know that each group is going to plan a vacation. All of the students in each group will be traveling to the same place and need to plan this out today. Questions that they should answer as a group include: Where will your group go? What will you pack? Who will you bring? What will you do while you are there? Anything else that your group thinks is important for the trip? You can assure students that this does not have to be realistic (I’ve had students want to go to the moon, and that’s fine with me). After about 10 minutes of planning, each group will report back to the class what they plan to do for their vacation and how they answered each question listed above. As the instructor, the activity can seem more beneficial if you really highlight the factors of the trip that would be classic of their main personality trait. (For example I had a conscientiousness group that couldn’t get past the “What will you pack?” question so I highlighted that as a main indicator that their group is very focused on planning and organization… a main factor in conscientiousness). Bringing back the vacation plans to the trait descriptions is the main goal of instructor in the sharing. Even if you have to stretch out some vague associations in personality traits, try to get the students to see that major traits in our personality influence the decisions and actions we make. Good Luck Planning your Vacation!


a general understand of personality is helpful to students but this can also be used to introduce the topic too.



Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Students will have a better understanding of personality factors and how personality can shape real word decisions.


(group activity for credit- have students turn in their printed off results for credit.