Learning Exercise

Writing with a Fable

This assignment for a composition class uses morals from fables to develop a thesis for an essay. It could be adapted for literature, history, or social studies lessons as a way of showing that students understand the concept of using a story--or a group of anecdotes or personal experiences or other examples--to illustrate and support a generalization. See also http://www2.ferrum.edu/applit/studyg/STUDYGFOlk.htm for guidelines on teaching with fables and short works of folklore.
Course: Freshman Composition

Texts of over 600 fables (as of 2009) and some other classic stories, with some audio fables and lesson plans see more


Assignment is outlined on web page http://www2.ferrum.edu/thanlon/comp101/FableTopic.htm.

Technical Notes

Students need access to the Internet if they use online fables (which are also available in countless books).


Basic composition and editing skills


English composition

Learning Objectives

Write a coherent, well-organized essay that uses anecdotes or personal experiences to support a precise thesis.


Writing standards appropriate for your composition course. For example: a unified focus and organization b. logical development of ideas and supporting examples c. precise and effective wording d. standard sentence structure and vocabulary e. avoidance of mechanical and grammatical errors