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The Star Spangled Banner

The American Flag has become a more important symbol to the people of the United States since the events of September 11, 2001. This site traces the history of the American Flag, the National Anthem, and the Flag's preservation using primary sources.
Course: United States History

This site offers a number of illustrated short essays, tracing the history of the flag and the national anthem and the... see more


Instructions: Click "go to material." Across the top of the site page are the following categories: "War," "Flag," "Song," "Interactive Flag," and "Explore." Under "War" READ: War of 1812, Capitol Captured, Baltimore in the Balance, A Moment of Triumph. Under "Flag" READ: Making the Flag, Family Keepsake, National Treasure, Preservation Project, Science of Preservation. Under "Song" READ: the Lyrics, Francis Scott Key, Melody, National Anthem. Under "Explore" READ Interactive Flag and note the information for each of the 25 circles. Now answer the following questions: 1. Why was it necessary to restore the Flag, 2. What is being done to preserve the Flag, 3. How does science explain the Flag's deterioration, 4. Describe the process of restoration, 5. What role did Francis Scott Key play in transforming the image of the Flag flown at Fort McHenry, 6. How was the Flag made and who made it?, 7. Describe the Battle of Baltimore, 8. Who owned the Flag after the Battle of Baltimore and for how long?, 8. What did Key's poem say?, 9. Describe the meaning of the Flag as a national symbol, 10. What do each of the 25 circles on the interactive Flag tell us about this national symbol?, and 11. Why is preservation of this particular Flag so important?

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United States History; War of 1812; National Anthem; Star Spangled Banner.

Learning Objectives

To acquaint student with the history of the American Flag, the steps in the Flag's preservation, and the history of the National Anthem using primary sources.


Series of Questions.