Learning Exercise

The Trial of Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was and remains a figure of historical curiosity. She was not canonized until the 19th century. France had difficulty understanding a woman called by God who led men into battle better than her male peers. This site explores Joan of Arc's background and trial.

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Instructions: Click "go to material." SCROLL to the bottom of the page. CLICK "Other Famous Trials." CLICK "Joan of Arc Trial 1431." UNDER Medieval Sourcebook CLICK the URL for "The Tria of Joan of Arc." READ Story Chapters 1-17. Write a five-six page paper answering the following questions: 1. Who was Joan of Arc?, 2. What was the 100 Years War?, 3. Who should be King of France?, 4. Can a woman lead an army?, 5. How did Joan of Arc get the job to lead an army?, 6. How did Joan of Arc win Orleans?, 7. Who betrayed Joan?, 8. Why did the Catholic Church attack Joan?, 9. Who accussed Joan at her trial?, 10. Who defended Joan at her trial?, 11. Was the trial fair?, 12. What was Joan of Arc's fate?, 13, What happened to the others on trial?, 14. Why has the world changed their mind about Joan?


Technical Notes





France; the Middle Ages; the One Hundred Years War; Sainthood.

Learning Objectives

To provide background on one of the Middle Ages most important female figures. To acquaint students with the trial procedures used in the Middle Ages.