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Andrew Johnson Impeachment Trial

Andrew Johnson was impeached for breaking laws established by a Radical Republican Congress that opposed Johnson as President and his plans for Reconstruction of the South. This site explores that historic case.
Course: U.S. History

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Instructions: CLICK "go to material." SCROLL down to the bottom of the page. CLICK "Famous Trials." CLICK "Johnson's Impeachment Trial." READ "A Trial Account" by Douglas Linder. Answer the following questions: 1. Describe the process of impeachment as stated in the Constitution, 2. What are the major provisions of the Tenure of Office Act?, 3. List the Articles of Impeachment against President Johnson, 4. Who were the major witnesses for and against President Johnson and what were the arguments of each?, 5. How did the Senate vote?, 6. Describe the roles for each of the following in the trial: Edwin Stanton, Lorenzo Thomas, Thaddeus Stevens, Benjamin Butler, John Bingham,Chief Justice Salmon Chase, Henry Stanberry,7. Why was Senator Edmund Ross' role so critical in the trial?, 8. Did President Johnson get a fair trail?

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Andrew Johnson, Impeachment.

Learning Objectives

To examine the merits of the trial impeaching President Andrew Johnson.