Learning Exercise

The Leopold Loeb Trial

Leopold Loeb were two very bright young men who committed an heinous crime after graduating from college. The substance of the case and the verdict reflect on whether or not American justice is shaped by the ability to pay for the best attorneys.
Course: U.S. History

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Instructions; CLICK "go to material." SCROLL down to the bottom of the page. CLICK "Famous Trials." CLICK "Leopold-Loeb." READ "An Introduction." Answer the following questions: 1. Who were Richard Loeb, Nathan Leopold, Clarence Darrow, and Bobby Franks?, 2. What was the crime?, 3. How was it committed and why?, 4. What role did a pair of glasses play as evidence?, 5. Did Leopold and Loeb contest their guilt?, 6. If they didn't what was the trail about?, 7. Summarize Darrow's defense for Leopold and Leob, 8. Summarize the State's positon, 9. What was the verdict?, 10. What happened to both Leopold and Loeb?, 11. Was the trial fair?, 12 Why did this trial interest so many Americans?

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Leopold-Loeb; American Justice.

Learning Objectives

To evaluate whether or not wealth determines the outcome in the American Criminal Justice System.