Learning Exercise

The Hauptmann Trial

German Richard Bruno Hauptmann was convicted of the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh, Jr. He never confessed to the crime. Was he guilty? This site explores this issue.

This is a site for law students. It includes notes about important constitutional issues, links to Supreme Court... see more


Instructions: CLICK "go to material." SCROLL down to the bottom of the page. CLICK "Famous Trials." CLICK "Hauptmann Trial." READ "Trial Account." Answer the following questions: 1. Who were Charles Lindbergh and Charles Lindbergh, Jr.?, 2. What was the crime?, 3. Why did it take two years to arrest someone?, 4. Who was Colonel H. Norman Schwarzkopf and what was his role in the investigation?, 5. Who was Richard Bruno Hauptmann?, 6. On what evidence was he arrested?, 7. Who were Violet Sharpe, Dr. John Condon, and Isidor Fisch and what roles did they play in the trial?, 8. What was the basis for Hauptmann's conviction?, 9. On what grounds was the case appealed?, 10. Was Hauptmann guilty?, 11. Why didn't Hauptmann ever confess? 12. Did he get a fair trial or was American influenced by anti-German feeling?, 13. Was Hauptmann guilty?

Technical Notes





Charles Lindbergh; Richard Bruno Hauptmann; Anti-Germanism.

Learning Objectives

To determine whether a German immigrant received a fair trail during the 1930s when there was anti-German/anti-Hitler feelings across the nation.