Learning Exercise

The Chicago Seven Trial

The Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968 became a violent encounter between Anti-Vietnam War protesters and the authorities. This site examines these events and the trail of the leaders in the protest movement.
Course: U.S. History

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Instructions: CLICK "go to material." SCROLL down to the bottom of the page. CLICK "Famous Trials." CLICK "Chicago Seven Trial." READ "A Trial Account." Answer the following questions: 1. Who were the Chicago Seven?, 2. What were Yippies?, 3. What happened in Chicago during the 1968 Democratic Convention?, 4. Why were the Chicago Seven indicted and what were the charges?, 5. Summarize the prosecution's arguments, 6. Summarize the defense arguments, 7. What roles did Norman Mailer and William Kunstler play in the trial?, 8. Was Judge Julius Hoffman impartial?, 9. Was the trial fair?, 10. Why was the verdict appealed and on what basis?, 11. What happened to the Chicago Seven?

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Chicago Seven; Vietnam War; Lyndon Johnson.

Learning Objectives

To review the events at the Chicago Democratic Convention in 1968 and the Anti-Vietnam War Crisis of the Johnson presidency.