Learning Exercise


Students will work in a computer lab in class. They will play for half an hour with the simulation individually. After the play is finished, we will discuss results in class for 30 minutes. Please suggest the learning exercises I may ask them to do.
Course: Leadership Ethics

The Aid Game is about giving charitable aid to developing countries. These countries may suffer the dual challenges of... see more


Please read the Aid Game instructions to play the game. Write down and number your choices and the consequences as different case scenarios (you may limit it to three scenarios). Discuss in class, which of these scenarios you consider be more ethical and explain why.

Technical Notes

Do I need to ask all students to sign up to be Merlot member to play the simulation game? what are the alternative ways?


Computer and internet user


Ethics of International Aid

Learning Objectives

To understand how our decisions about international help may create unforeseen results. To appreciate the importance of awareness of cultural differences in decision-making.


In class discussion participation is worth four points.