Learning Exercise

Stringwave lab

Lots can be done with Stringwave, but I have limited the concepts to be demonstrated to two as part of a larger lab.

This is an interactive website that can also be downloaded. Students can adjust amplitude, frequency and tension, as... see more


Stringwave demonstration of wave properties Using the Stringwave program, demonstrate the following concepts: Standing waves and Reflection. List the concept, how you had to set up the program (manual/oscillate/pulse, fixed end/loose end/no end, level of damping). Tell what happens in each case. Capture and paste one figure for Standing waves and two for damping to compare high and low damping. Standing wave Type of wave setting = Amplitude = Frequency = Damping = Tension = Reflection: Type of wave setting = Damping = 0 Tension =


Amplitude, tension, frequency, damping, standing waves, reflection

Learning Objectives

Students will: 1. adjust the tension, damping,amplitude and frequency of a virtual string to create reflection. 2. adjust the tension, dampling, amplitude and frequency of a virtual string to create standing waves.