Learning Exercise

Assessing Blood Pressure

Descriptions of how to properly take a blood pressure. Definitions and pictures. Practice with module, and test at the end
Course: AHLT 120

ADOBE FLASH REQUIRED. This learning module presents the proper technique and common errors associated with assessment of... see more


Prerequisite is to read The human Body in Health and Disease textbook - Chapter 13 "The Heart and Heart Disease" p. 372 and Chapter 14 "The Circulation of the Blood" p. 394

Technical Notes

Exercise takes 30 minutes. Read chapters 13 and 14, then go to the module and practice what you have learned.


The Human Body in Health & Disease Chapters 13 and 14


Assessing Blood Presssure with practice simulations

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Student will define appropriate equipment for taking blood pressure. Student will list correct size and position of blood pressure cuff. Student will practice inflating cuff and record readings. Student will take exam and record/print score for discussion in class.