Learning Exercise

Proverbs, sayings and fables

Students will explore how proverbs, sayings and fables are used in Chinese and English.
Course: Chinese, year 2 or higher

Learning through listening to Chinese proverbs. Listening exercises for intermediate and advanced students of Mandarin... see more


1. In small groups, students are asked to list as many English proverbs and sayings as they can on a large sheet of paper. These sheets are posted around the room so that students can take a gallery walk and see what other groups thought of. 2. Students will discuss how these are used in English. 3. Teacher prepares a short PowerPoint to introduce "cheng-yu" 成語 4. Teacher introduces key vocabulary for the cheng-yu selected. 5. Students listen to the cheng-yu story - if possible on individual computers, at their own speed, practicing learning strategies.




Intermediate Chinese


English proverbs and English fables 成語

Learning Objectives

1. Explore similarities and differences in English proverbs/fables and Chinese cheng-yu. 2. Learn strategies for listening to more difficult speech.