Learning Exercise

Twitter in the Classroom

Twitter is a great communication and learning tool. Students can follow the news, educational institutions, scientists, subject experts, companies and so much more. Twitter is also a great way for students and schools to communicate with their local community.
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Twitter is a microblogging tool that asks a single question, "What are you doing?" Answers must be under 140 characters... see more


Teachers can create a class twitter account and as a group they can follow people that are relevant to the subject they are studying. Teachers can also facilitate a group tweet at the end of a class to help the kids recap what they learned in school that day. Parents can choose to follow the class to keep up with what the kids are learning. Teaching students how to use social media as a learning tool is a perfect way to keep students using it positively and for a useful purpose.



Teachers need to know how to navigate twitter and set preferences to protect the privacy of students (especially students under 13 years of age)



Learning Objectives

Social learning and digital communication