Learning Exercise

Black Faith in the American Experience

This lesson explores the relevancy of faith to enslaved Africans beginning with the faith possessed by enslaved Africans and the reasons for their acceptance or rejection of various faith teachings in America.

This text is the current phase of a fourteen year project. It was first developed as a course syllabus-study guide at... see more


Trabelin' On. The Slave Journey to an Afro Baptist Faith, Mechal Sobel; Black Religion in the African American Experience, Lincoln & Mamiya; The Theological Dictionary; The World's Oldest Religion


Technical Notes

By technical here, understand the use of search tools as Wikipedia do not result in the securing responses which are theologically sound. The resources are neither feel-good nor supports which present questionable information.


The ability to comprehend theological nuances and movements which impacted Africa and the then known world prior to enslavement; willingness to become a critical thinker of religious thought; and, equipping oneself with the correct resources which better interprets the understanding of religious faith other than using one's personal encounter which is often based on information which has been badly assimulated.


Looking at the distinctive faiths possessed by enslaved Africans in the first and second generations. Also an examination of the language barrier.

Learning Objectives

(1) Understanding the difference between Western thought and African thought. (2) Willingness to use a methodology which differs from critical thinking which has already been corrupted.