Learning Exercise

e-government sample mini-demo

Full demo is displayed at: http://www.mlfcham.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=334&Itemid=1447 Our Security concept is described with precise details in our contribution: " Implementation of Ediaudit on a data certification server " published at: http://www.infoloom.com/gcaconfs/WEB/paris98/elsaleh.HTM Association of these two approach: a learning exercise & the described concept will help students to implement specifications for our next exercise.

Web services are primarily adopted in industry as a means to develop architecturally sound information systems. They do... see more


Prerequisite security tools for a data certification server

Technical Notes

study different scenarii published at: http://www.ediaudit.fr & performed for different clients in France.


data networking, semantic web, java, xml, database & unix environment


security at application level

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

understand & develop intelligent document various applications