Learning Exercise

Tour Your Hometown

In a language class, have students use CamStudio to go on Google Earth and give a tour of their hometown. They can zoom in and out of the map and discuss locations that are important to them in the target language. Once they have finished their tour, they can upload the video to YouTube and let fellow students in the class comment on their tour.

Camstudio allows users to record anything on their desktop as a movie file, along with voice narration, annotations and... see more


Begin by downloading CamStudio from the website at http://camstudio.org/. Open CamStudio and test to make sure that your microphone is hooked up and working. Open a web browser and visit the Google Earth website. Turn on CamStudio and begin recording. Have the student zoom in and out of the map to show locations of importance to them. Make sure that they answer the following questions: - Where were you born? - Where did you grow up? - Where are your parents from? - What is the favorite place that you have lived? - What are your favorite places in your hometown? Stop the recording and save the file. Upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo or a class content management system. Have students give feedback to their fellow students.

Technical Notes

Students must have access to a PC or a Mac running Windows. They will also need a microphone or headset to record their voice. If they are giving a tour in Google Earth, they will need internet access.


Intermediate communication skills in the target language


communication, language proficiency

Learning Objectives

Students will discuss various topics of importance to them in the target language