Learning Exercise

Religious Diversity in America: Perceptions vs. Reality

This is a "blended" activity designed for a Hybrid course. Introduce and "debrief" activities taks place in the classroom, sandwiching individual work at online at home
Course: Religions In America

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In class: Initial perceptions 1.Students volunteer answers to question about: what religions there are in America, including different Christian denominations. 2.Instructor creates list on board. 3.Worksheet is distributed for students to take note of their initial perceptions of relgious diversity in America (take a few minutes in class for students to complete the worksheet) 4.Instructor displays demographic info from online resources (The ARDA US "membership report", reorder by "adherents" and "family") 5.Excercise: "Do you know anyone who is..." (involves actual physical movement based on "yes" or "no" answers to series of questions regarding different religions) Homework: Online resources 1.Watch video: America's Religious Diversity (from Religion & Ethics Newsweekly) (19 minutes, can skip minutes 6-12) 2.Online reading: Our US "Religion Stew" and Describing Religious Diversity 3.Complete Self-test ("lesson 3") (there is a Test Review if you feel you need it) (be sure to print your completed test before moving on to the "test self-check" - link at bottom of test) 4.Reflect on the questions you got wrong: do you understand why the correct answer is what it is? Do you understand where you went wrong in your thinking? (write reflections on your printed self-test) In Class: Follow-up 1.Students submit completed self-test with reflections 2.Discussion: Debrief/sharing of findings and surprises 3.Students revise perceptions on the worksheet from previous week 4.Discuss (small groups): compare and contrast responses on the two worksheets (perceptions before and after)

Technical Notes

Students and teacher use internet resources: online streaming video, online reading, database stats, interactive onine self-test (students will need printer to print their completed self-test)


basic internet and computer skills


Religions, Christian Denominations demographics in contemporary America

Learning Objectives

Objective: Students will "recognize and value the diversity of religions in America"


students get credit for completing assignment: submit completed pre- and post- perceptions worksheet, submit completed (printed) self-test with reflections