Learning Exercise

Holocaust Survivors

This site offers visitors personal account of the Holocaust through survivor storires and photo and audio galleries. The site includes an historical introduction, an encyclopedia, a collection of primary documents, scholarly articles, a bibliography, related links, and a discussion board.
Course: U.S. History and Western Civilization

This site offers visitors personal accounts of the Holocaust through survivor stories plus a photo gallery and audio... see more


Click icon Survivor Stories. Photographs will appear of six holocaust
survivors: Shep Zitler, Eva Galler, Solomon Radasky, Isak Borenstien, Joseph
Sher, and Jeannine Burk. Select three survivors (students may want to persue
the stories of all six before selecting three). For each survivor selected
review the information provided under Background Information, Listen to, and
View Photos.

Using the information collected from the stories of the three surivors
selected,write a ten-page paper describing the life of Jews in the concentration
camps. This paper will require students to provide analysis and evaluation
about the relationship between government policy and the civil rights of a
nation's citizens.
Additional Information: None

Technical Notes

This exercise uses only the icon Survivor Stories.


Oral History background.
Biographical essay writing.
Knowledge about World War II


Europe: Germany and Central Europe,

Learning Objectives

To introduce students to primary source material: interviews with Holocaust survivors.