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Civil War Maps

The Civil War remains an internal conflict whose origins and consequences still provoke great interest and controvsey. This site provides Civil War maps, charts, atlases, and sketchbooks for use.
Course: U.S. History

This American Memory site features a selection of Civil War maps, charts, atlases and sketchbooks. Users can search the... see more


When the web site comes on screen, carefully read the introduction. Click on
About the Collection and answer Questions 1-3..
1. How extensive is the Civil War collection of maps?
2. What kinds of maps are included in this collection?
3. Who donated map collections to the Library of Congress?

Click Civil War Maps Home Page. Click History of the Mapping of the Civil War.
Click PreWar Mapping. Answer Questions 4-7.
4. What was the status of map-making before the Civil War began?
5. Who pubished maps on Virginia?
6. In the 1850s what were the best kinds of maps available?
7. How did accessibility of maps affect war strategies?

Go back to the History of Mapping the Civil War. Click Union Mapping. Answer
Questions 8-14.
8. Why was the mapping of Washington, DC essential?
9. What role did the Army Corps of Engineers contribute to mapping during the
Civil War?
10. What areas of Virginia were mapped?
11. What role did field reconnaisance play in mapping?
12. What role did lithographic presses play in map making?
13. What are hachures?
14. What is the value of topographical and hydrographical mappings?

Retur n to History of Mapping the Civil War. Click Confederate Mapping. Answer
Questions 15-19.
15. What challenges did the Confederacy have in making maps?
16. How did a lack of maps and/or poor maps affect battles in Virginia during
17. How did Robert E. Lee's background affect map-making in the Confederacy?
18. Name the counties in Virginia that were selected for mapmaking and explain
why they were selected?
19. What role did photography play in map making?

Go back to History of Mapping the Civil War. Click Field Mapping. Answer
Questions 20-21.
20. Detail General Sherman's contributions to map making.
21. What were General Jackson's contributions to map making for the

Go back to History of Mapping the Civil War. Click Official Battlefield Maps.
Answer Queston 22.
22. Who made the official war maps?

Goback to History of Mapping the Civil War. Click Commercial Mapping. Answer
Questions 23-31.
23. What were the contributions of northern publishers to map making?
24. What were the contributions of southern publishsers to map making?
25. What were the contributions of British publishers to map making?
26. What effect did propaganda maps have on the war?
27. What effect did battlefield maps have on the war?
28. What effect did panoramic maps have on the war?
29. What effect did city maps have on the war?
30. What effect did maps have on newspapers and journals?
31. Which newspapers made the biggest contributions to map making?
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Technical Notes

Basic computer skills.


Knowledge about the Civil War and its origins.


Americas: United States Civil War, African-American, Military, Slavery, Wars,

Learning Objectives

To acquaint students with a deeper understanding about the major military battles of a war that divided a nation.

To acquaint students with the importance a knowledge of geography offers in waging an effective war.