Learning Exercise

Greek Art, Architecture and Culture

The Cultural Map of Hellas provides students with the opportunity to visually explore the culture of ancient Greece.
Course: Western Civilization

Visitors can take an online tour of Hellenic Cullture. Museums, archaeological sites or monuments can be found by... see more


CLICK “go to material.”

Scroll down and look on the left side for a map of Greece labeled “Interactive Map of Greece.” CLICK on this icon.

Look for the location of Athens. Move the cursor northwest to the second group of small squares and CLICK on it. It should say GROUP: DELPHI.

In the upper right hand corner will appear a box with a list of sites for Delphi. CLICK on each one. When you do a small box will appear. CLICK “more info.” This will bring up detailed information for each historic site at Delphi EXCEPT one. That one is still under construction. Repeat this process for each Delphi item until you have read and taken notes on each historic Delphi site.

Return to the interactive map of Greece. In the center of the screen CLICK “Perfecture/City.” CLICK Athens. Then go to the left side and CLICK “Monuments.” Then CLICK “Select All.” In a few minutes a series of triangles and squares will appear. In the center of the map find the following historic sites: Acropolis of Athens, South Slope of Acropolis, North Slope of Acropolis, Lusikrates Monument, Erechteion, Parthenon, Temple of Athena Nike, and Propylaea. CLICK on each one. A small box will appear in the upper right corner. CLICK “more info.” Read the detailed description of each item.

After completing the data collection for religious sites in Delphi and Athens write a 5-7 page paper describing the religious practices of Hellenic Greece.

Additional Information: None

Technical Notes

Basic computer skills.


A knowledge of Ancient Greece.


Europe: Greece, Archaeology, Arts, Religion.

Learning Objectives

To visual acqaint students with important locations and events in the history of Ancient Greece.