Learning Exercise

Virtual Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

This is an inteactive site that takes a pilgrim from Europe to the Holy Land in much the same manner as a Crusader in the Middle Ages.
Course: Western Civilization

This site takes you on an interactive trip to the Holy Land. Contains excellent photographs. see more


When the web site comes on the screen, Click Virtual Pilgrimage. Answer
Questions 1-44. When additional information is needed, click the link located
in the lower right hand corner. Some sites may be unavailable because Virtual
Pilgrimage is still under construction.
1. Where does the trip begin?
2. Who are the pilgrims taking this trip?
3. What is the purpose(s) of a pilgrimage?
4. What is the relationship of penance to a pilgrimage?
5. What are the three requirements to attain penanace?
6. What is the pilgrim vow?
7. How did Count Fulk depart Pau?
8. Describe the historic importance of the cities of Carcassonne and Toulouse.
9. What is the connection between the Papacy and Avignon?
10. Why would the pilgrims have stopped in Arles and why were bandits a threat
to religious pilgrims?
11. What language problems did the pilgrims encounter in Turin?
12. What is the importance of Brescia in Italian history?
13. Why is Milan such an important city in north central Italy?
14. Who were the Sforzas and St. Ambrose?
15. Explain the importance of Pavia in Lombard and Italian history.
16. Who is buried in Padua and where in the city?
17. Why is Venice such an important city?
18. List and briefly describe the important sites a pilgrim would visit in
19. How expensive is a sea voyage from Venice to the Holy Land and why is a sea
voyage more difficult than land travel?
20. Describe the "Trireme" the pilgrims sailed on and what were the living
conditions on board like?
21. What happened when someone died while traveling at sea?
22. Why did the ship stop at Corfu and Jaffa?
23. What role did Ramleh play in Crusader history?
24. What instructions were given pilgrims entering the Moslem world?
25. Describe the Jerusalem the pilgrims saw.
26. What is the importance of the Via Dolorosa?
27. What is the Holy Sepulchre and what Biblical sites are located here in
28. What does a pilgrim do at the Holy Sepulchre?
29. What roledid Helen, the mother of Emperor Constantine, play in the sites
associated with Christ in Jerusalem?
30. What is the importance of the Church of the Ascension and the Dome of the
31. What is the Tower of David?
32. What other sites would a pilgrim visit in Jerusalem and why?
33. Describe Bethlehem and the Church of the Nativity.
34. What sites would a pilgrim visit in Nazareth?
35. Why did the pilgrims go to Egypt?
36. What did the pilgrims see in Gaza, the Sinai Desert and at St. Catherine's?
37. Describe Cairo and Alexandria.
38. Why is Tyre important in Crusader history?
39. What cities did the pilgrims visit in the Middle East before returning
40. What is the importance of Ephesus in Biblical history?
41. Describe Constantinople and Otranto.
42. Describe Rome and identify the sites a pilgrim would visit in this city.
43. Name the last stops on the trip home.
44. How did the pilgrims benefit from this trip?
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Technical Notes

Basic computer skills.


A knowledge of the Middle Ages.


Europe: France, Italy, Asia: Middle East, Military, Religion, Social.

Learning Objectives

To acquaint students with the social, political, and religious issues in France, Italy, Greece and the Middle East in the Middle Ages.